Diu : Fairs and Festivals

The major Hindu festivals like Diwali and Holi, Muslim festival Eed and Christian's X'Mas are occasions of celebrations and feasts. There are fairs which have local importance like the chaitra and Ashadhi Panchami and the Mahashivratri fair

Navratri on the Beach

A popular folk dance, Garba of Gujarat is also special to Diu. Performed by colorfully dressed and ornamented women, the dance accompanies the singing of song in praise of Goddess Amba during the Navratri days (in october). The colorful traditional costumes, the mesmerizing steps of the performers cast an enchanting spell on the viewers.

Liberation Day & Festival

19th December, the day Diu celebrates the occasion of Diu and Daman liberation since 1961, from 450 years of Portuguese rule. This gala event organize by Department of Tourism, Diu is a mix of culture participated by all the communities. The typical Portuguese folk dances, the Mando, Vira dance, the Verdigaoare is special attraction in which the happiness and the life style of the people of Diu is depicted. The spectacular beaches, the food stalls lining the sea sides and the blazing camp fires at night are just exciting and pure fun.