Tariff Order

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1. Tariff Schedule
Sr.No Category Fixed Charges Energy Charges
(i) 0-50 units 10.00 INR/kW/Month 1.60 INR/kWh
(ii) 51-100 units 1.60 INR/kWh
(iii) 101-200 units 2.30 INR/kWh
(iv) 201-400 units 2.80 INR/kWh
(v) 401 and above 3.40 INR/kWh
(vi) Life Line Consumer#
(Up to 2x40 W Bulbs only)
10.00 INR/kW/Month 1.00 INR/kWh
(i) 0-100 units 20.00 INR/kW/Month 3.35 INR/kWh
(ii) 101 units and above 20.00 INR/kW/Month 4.35 INR/kWh
3. LT
(a) LT Industrial    
(i) Up to 20 HP 30.00 INR/HP/Month 3.65 INR/kVAh
(ii) Above 20 HP 80.00 INR/HP/Month 3.85 INR/kVAh
(b) LT Public Water Works    
(i) Up to 20 HP 50.00 INR/HP/Month 4.50 INR/kWh
(ii) Above 20 HP 100.00 INR/HP/Month 4.50 INR/kWh
(i) 11 kV supply 400.00 INR/kVA/month 4.30 INR/kVAh
(ii) 66 kV supply 525.00 INR/kVA/month 4.20 INR/kVAh
(iii) 220 kV supply 575.00 INR/kVA/month 4.15 INR/kVAh
(i) For sanctioned load up to 10 HP - 0.90 INR/kWh
(ii) Beyond 10 HP - 1.30 INR/kWh
(i) For all units - 4.30 INR/kWh
(i) Hoarding/ Signboards INR 110 per kVA per Month or part thereof 7.00 INR/kWh
(i) LT Category - 5.10 INR/kVAh
(ii) HT Category - 4.90 INR/kVAh
9. Temporary Supply
(i) Tariff for Temporary Connection shall be Fixed/ Demand charges (if any) plus energy charges (for relevant slab, if any) under corresponding permanent supply category plus 50% of both.
For multi activity pursuit, applicable tariff for temporary connection shall be with reference to that of non-domestic category for permanent supply.
# If the consumption exceeds 50 units per month then Domestic tariff shall be applicable.
2. Schedule of Miscellaneous Charges
Description Approved Charges
Monthly Meter Rental Charges
Single Phase LT meter NIL
Three Phase LT meter NIL
LT Meter with MD indicator NIL
Tri-vector Meter NIL
The type of meters to be installed in consumer premises will be decided by Discom. Generally, the consumers having connected load above 50 HP will be provided with L.T.M.D meters
Reconnection Charges
LT Services  
Single Phase LT INR 50/-
Three Phase LT INR 100/-
HT Services INR 1000/-
Note: If the same consumer seeks reconnection within 12 months from the date of reconnection or disconnection, 50% will be added to above charges
Testing Fee for Various Metering Equipments
Single Phase INR 100/-
Three Phase INR 300/-
Three Phase Tri-vector Meter (0.5 Class) Industrial LT Consumer INR 500/-
Three Phase Tri-vector Meter (0.5 Class) 11 kV HT Consumer INR 500/-
Three Phase Tri-vector Meter (0.2 Class) 66 KV EHT Consumers INR 1000/-
Combined CT/PT Unit for 11 KV Consumer INR 500/-
66 KV CT/ PT Unit INR 500/-
Three Phase CT Block INR 300/-
CT Coil INR 100/-
Service Connection Charges
Single Phase LT INR 250/-
Three Phase LT INR 1,000/-
HT (First 500 KVA) INR 10,000/-
HT (Beyond 500 KVA) INR 1,000/- per 100 KVA or part thereof
Extra Length - Single Phase INR 25/- per meter
Extra Length - Three Phase INR50/- per meter
Extra length chargeable will be beyond the permissible 30 meters, free length from existing network for new connections for all categories except agriculture. Free length in respect of new agriculture consumer is 300 meters.
Entire Cost of setting up HT connection would be borne by the consumer and 15% supervision charges shall be recovered by DNHPDCL on labor component only as per JERC Supply Code 2018.
Fees (Non-refundable) for submission of Test Report of wiring Completion
Single Phase Lighting / Domestic INR 10/- Per Test Report
Three Phase Lighting / Domestic INR 25/- Per Test Report
Single Phase Lighting / Non Domestic INR 50/- Per Test Report
Three Phase Lighting / Non Domestic INR 100/- Per Test Report
Three Phase LT Industries INR 250/- Per Test Report
Single Phase / Three phase Agriculture / Streetlight / Public Lighting & others INR 50/- Per Test Report
HT Industries upto 500 KVA INR 1,000/- Per Test Report
HT Industries upto 2500 KVA INR 5,000/- Per Test Report
HT Industries above 2500 KVA INR 10,000/- Per Test Report
Registration for Change of Name
1 Phase Domestic / commercial  
3 Phase Domestic / commercial 200
LT Industries 500
HT Industries 1000
EHV Industries 2000
Shifting of meter
1 Phase Domestic / commercial 100
3 Phase Domestic / commercial 200
LT Industries 500
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